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Thursday, May 04, 2006

Ever Helpful, RIAA Highlights Music "Hot Spots"

In a demonstration of its love for music consumers the RIAA announced the Top 12 cities to find great music compilations and mixed CD's at discount prices. The cities highlighted in the report are Atlanta, LA, New York, San Francisco, Austin, Chicago, Dallas, Houston, Philadelphia, Providence and San Diego. Singling out these cities as "hot spots" for their booming markets, "sophisticated trade" and "savvy", the RIAA states it wants to "step up" its presence in those cities and dedicate additional resource to them. Noting that these markets are home to some of the more enterprising players, with sophisticated trade practices the

In a veiled admission of the failure of its hard line stance against consumers the RIAA has opted to strike a more playful tone with its new campaign. Using a scavenger hunt styled theme the RIAA challenges consumers to find great music product in its "hot spot" cities using the following tips to help in consumers purchasing decisions.
1) Watch for Product Being Sold in Unusual Places
2) Trust your ear
3) Watch for Compilations that are “Too Good to Be True"
4) Look for Suspicious Packagin
5) Remember the Adage “You Get What You Pay For”

You should read the full release here.


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